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Praxisnahes Präsenz und Online - Training/Coaching 



Sales is undergoing major changes, times keep changing fast


Products, costs, conditions, ratings – through the internet customers are far better informed , products and services can be compared much easier than in the past


At this point, the sales staff, the 3D business card of your company makes the difference, whether your regular customer stays with you, or the potential new customer decides to buy with you.


One needs to get to the bottom of customer needs and demands, based on that, offer products and services where the customer sees his instant benefit. This has to be done competently and convincing, that’s the key to success.


Target Group:


  • Inside and/or outside sales force
  • Staff with customer contact on the phone and/or via e-mail
  • Staff being involved in sales activities during trade shows


Benefit of Sales Trainings:


  • Company‘s products or services are effectively explained to customers, in return benefits for the customers are clearly visible   
  • Participants work out individual formulations and solutions, which can be put in action right away
  • Well working tools are refreshed, tagged with new tools leading to success
  • Each participant picks tools and formulations that perfectly fit them 


Learning Methods:


  • Role play and/or specific case studies (with or without video support) following in-depth analysis
  • Individual and/or group discussions for maximum impact
  • Group work, practical simulations along with brief audio/videoclips enhance the selflearning process
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