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Praxisnahes Präsenz und Online - Training/Coaching 

Fairs / Trade Shows:


Attending a fair is quite an investment in various ways. The booth alone including the base, staff attending the fair being absent from the workplace, hotel costs, travel expenses…the list is long.


There must be a good return of investment, regular customers or potential new customers compare booth and staff behaviour with competitors


Staff manning the booth are permanently visible, also during a hotel stay. They are the 3D businesscard of your company, and it has to look perfect


A good first impression of booth and products is not good enough, staff have to live up to customers expectations


Crucial for success or disappointment is the advanced fair planning. How and when inviting the right people/customers, and how to attract potential new customers.


The booth has to be lively, an empty booth is an absolute „No-go“, just like an empty restaurant


After the fair, when and how to process all the contact made in order to turn them into appointments and future business. 


Target Group:

  • Inside and/or outside (Sales) team,
  • Management staff and all involved in sales activieties
  • Staff in general contact with booth visitors (e.g. staff guiding visitors to their contact persons)
  • Staff who are involved in preparations or follow-up activities of the trade show

Benefit of a Professional Fair Attendance Training:

  • Professional preparation and follow-up actions following the fair from the point of both exhibitor or visitor
  • The basic but important rules of interpersonal communication, both verbally and non-verbally (body language)
  • The high importance of the „first impression“ (on the phone or in person) and customer orientated approach
  • Various communication situations, especially „unpleasant“ ones, and how to best deal with them
  • Reaching the goal while using the right questioning techniques (leading conversation, not listening only)
  • Active listenting is the key to success

Learning Methods:

  • Roleplay (with or without video support) according to case studies following in-depth analysis
  • Individual and/or group discussions fpr maximum impact
  • Group work, practical simulations along with brief audio/videoclips enhancing the selflearning process
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