Praxisnahes Präsenz und Online - Training/Coaching
Praxisnahes Präsenz und Online - Training/Coaching 



A competent and responsible coach does not offer solutions but supports the coachee in developping own solutions.


Coaching is a clearly structured conversation between coachee and coach.


Coaching topics are defined in advance, and range from conflicts with colleagues or superiors and developing own competence, to team motivation, time management or self management, difficult conversations or how to negotiate salary  and other benefits. 


The main aim is enabling the coachee to leave behind deadlocked emotional structures.


Change and transformation don’t happen during the coaching process. Verbally demonstrated willingness often doesn’t suffice.


The coach, as a partner of trust, provides structures and security, also serving as a sparring partner to enable change and elfawareness.


The coachee learns about him/herself as a valuable source for the process of change.

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