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Praxisnahes Präsenz und Online - Training/Coaching 



Already in early schooldays, a large number of topics are on the agenda.


However one of the most important topics is missing: active listening. But if I don’t listen properly, how can I determine the customers needs?


In daily dealings with our customers (or colleagues) active listening is of utmost importance.

In doing so, we value our conversation partner, take him or her seriously, identify needs and are able to pinpoint product or service benefits  


Target Group:


  • Inside and/or outside (Sales) teams
  • Staff with customer contact over the phone
  • Staff being involved in sales activities during trade shows


Benefit of Communication training:



Learning Methods:


  • Role play and/or specific case studies (with or without video support) following in-depth analysis
  • „Live“ telephone calls with analysis, individually or in the group
  • Individual and/or group discussions for maximum impact
  • Group work, practical simulations along with brief audio/videoclips enhancing the selflearning process
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